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Creativity for Corporate helps corporate employees in the UK to rediscover their creative selves through making experimental art.

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What is experimental art?

Experimental art is art that explores new ideas and technologies. It relies on a creative approach to making art as opposed to crafts and more traditional art.

Why do we use it during our workshops?


Michal Piotrowski
Elly Rutherford

Michał Kamil Piotrowski is a published experimental poet and artist, and a TEDx speaker. He mostly writes visual poetry (a form that combines visual art and poetry) and he works a lot with found text.
He likes misusing technology when creating his poetry. He has over ten years of experience teaching, designing and delivering workshops. Michał believes that everyone can be creative and that creativity is important in all areas of life.​​

Elly Rutherford is an interdisciplinary artist, dancer, and performer. She creates interactive installations, playful performances, experimental poetry, and participatory art.
Her work reflects how engaging with the arts improves well-being. Elly is experienced in delivering workshops around sensory play and art making, mindfulness, improvisation, and performance. She believes everyone has a unique sense of creativity; she just plants the seed.