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Please e-mail us at hello@creativityforcorporate.co.uk to enquire about possible dates and to book.

We offer three types of workshops: the ‘innovation-at-work’ workshop that enhances employees’ creativity; the team-building after-hours workshop with experimental art; and poetry writing for mental health. Read more.

Currently, we cover Kent and London zones 1-9.

The workshops last from 2.5 hours to 4.5 hours (with breaks).

We can create a bespoke workshop just for you, so we have to spend extra time designing it. We will meet you twice before the workshops. During the first 1-hour meeting, we will define your specific needs and narrow down possible outcomes. Then we will design a workshop (we will need roughly 2-3 weeks). During the second 1-hour meeting we will present the workshop and talk you through it, and make changes if necessary. Once you accept the final version of the workshop, we will be ready to deliver it to your team.

We typically need a 2-week notice.

We believe that our workshops are really really good. What sets us apart is that we use experimental art exercises during the workshop. Making art helps rediscover the lost creativity and experimentation helps develop new creative approaches to work and life.

We will be happy to answer them, just email us at hello@creativityforcorporate.co.uk.