The future of business lies in creativity

We offer the following workshops:

Team building

After-hours workshop with connection-building activities

Create experimental art together in a light-hearted atmosphere. Learn to collaborate better, but after all, have fun and enjoy the company of your colleagues. Come as coworkers, leave as friends.

Creativity boost

Creativity-enhancing workshop with experimental art and creative thinking techniques

Learn creative thinking techniques through play, creating art and writing experimental poetry. Discover your creative inner self and gain confidence.

Poetry writing for well-being

Creative writing session designed to help you take better care of your mental health

Discover experimental poetry, foster your creative self and learn how writing can help your well-being. Leave the session uplifted and motivated.

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Bespoke workshop

Creative writing, performance, experimental art, coding
– together we will create the formula for the workshop.

We will help you discover what you need and tailor the workshop just for you.

Questions? We'll be happy to answer.